Advanced Filters

Unlock advanced filtering capabilities using high-end modern UI

Modern UI Controllers

  • Single/Multiple Selections with ad-hoc Search & Select

  • Dates: Time Periods / Date Range Selection 

  • Option to use a Restricted date range

  • Built-in proprietary filters dependency mechanism

Completely Configurable

​No Code Required! 

  • Choose your font, colors, and sizes

  • Plot your filters in any layout you like

  • Option to add Apply & Reset buttons

  • RTL/LTR and translations support

Save Favorites Selections
  • Let your users save complete filter selections as a "Preset" or a "Segment"

  • Easily switch between selections with a simple searchable dropdown 

  • Users can delete and name their selections

  • Designers can add "built-in" saved selections

Try It Yourself!

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