Modern UI Controllers
  • Single/Multiple Selections with ad-hoc search & select

  • Time Periods / Date Range Selection 

  • Option to use restricted date range

  • Built in proprietary filters dependancy mechanism

Lazy Loading

Performance Booster - Blazing fast dashboard loader

How It Works?

By recognizing which widgets are currently visible on the screen, Lazy Loading prevent all the non-visible widgets from sending out their queries to the cube until they become visible.

Higher Perfomance on server side

Fewer queries are sent to the cube which increases the dashboard speed and lead to higher preformance.
The performance boost is even more impressive when discussing mobile browsing, as it turns the mobile experience to be blazing fast!


Gain better user experience

The user will have a much smoother experience when navigating between dashboards. This also applies with Tabber and Accordion widgets and on their hidden widgets as well.