Custom Technology Solutions​ 

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Custom Developments

  • JS Plugins & Applications

  • Python & API Scripts

  • D3 & Highchart Visualizations

  • Custom Projects

Embedded Analytics

  • Data Modeling & Dashboard Design

  • OEM Architecture & Scaling

  • Product & Roadmap Consulting

  • ETL Development

  • Data Source Connectors

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Advanced Filters

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Unlock advanced filtering capabilities using high-end modern UI

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Client Testimonials

Emanuele Nardo,  Analytics Lead at Casum

Emanuele Nardo

Analytics Lead,  Casumo

״A major challenge is ensuring we share the same passion for the product and attention for details when designing technical solutions for business users. Paldi is not only fulfilling those requirements but actively complementing them with key suggestions to make the end result more appealing and functional to our needs. Thanks for the invaluable high quality service you are providing us with.”

Jessi Ryan, IMA Financial Group_72x.png

Jessi Ryan

Practice Lead, IMA Financial Group

״I realize that at times it can be challenging to work with us because we are building something from scratch and figuring things out as we go. But you’ve been patient with us, eager to find solutions, accommodating, invested and most of all, kind. You’re good people and at the end of the day, all business aside, that’s what matters. Thank you for being great partners & good people.״

Among Our Clients

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Ravid Paldi

Co-Founder & CEO

A creative yet practical problem solver with a strong data-driven approach who loves working with companies and help them find their low hanging fruits and scale their business. Fast. Try me :)


With an impressive track record of over a decade in successfully launching new products of all types (B2B, B2C, SaaS, mobile apps and more...), Ravid is fully equipped to plan and execute a solution when companies wish to implement new technologies and workflows.


Maayan Paldi

Co-Founder & COO

An enthusiastic BI Specialist who loves working with excellent people on challenging projects. Intrigued by new opportunities to transform data insights into revenue generators.


8+ years experience in leading projects for a wide range of clients from different industries including Healthcare, Digital Marketing, Startups, Cyber Security, Banking & Insurance, Real Estate, Big Corporates and more...


Former Senior BI Consultant at Sisense.

Why Paldi Solutions?


Not only ours, yours too.

We let you focus on your daily tasks while we push the team in the right direction.


We familiarize ourselves with your business strategy, technology stack, data structures, and relevant personnel to make sure that all of us are always in-sync and at the top of our game.


Initiating BI projects requires a wide range of skills but require those sporadically. 


We aim to act as a one-stop-shop to all your BI needs. Whether a task is with technical or business nature - the right professional with the right experience and skill set will be allocated to the job. 


One of our core values is that when a customer wins - we win.


That means that we work together as a team towards your goals instead of your requirements. It’s not always a pleasure but crucial when you need true advice.