Export to Excel

Get your desired Excel in a single click


Full Export of all Widgets Data to Excel

  • Full data export for Pivot - present all the data, even for large pivots!

  • Supports all widgets types

  • Includes a custom BLOX action that can be used in any BLOX widget


Clickable Designed Button

  • Choose your favorite: Activate exporting using a designed clickable button or using the menu.

  • Customize the Button: Fully customize your button directly from the design panel (no code required): Color, size, title, and more…


Get your Desired Excel in a Single Click

  • Supports formatting of the exported data (for ex: currency, percentage, and more)

  • One unified excel to hold the entire data. Each widget's data is exported to a different tab.

  • Can be defined both in Dashboard + Widget levels.

  • Multi widgets export: Choose which widgets to include in the export. 


Supports CSV Exporting

Supports Pagination: In the case of pagination (multiple pages), the plugin automatically adds the extra rows to the CSV file, so it includes all records.

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