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Paldi Space

Introducing Paldi Space - The Ultimate Solution for Managing Your Paldi Plugins

Paldi Space is a central hub where you can manage all of your Paldi plugins in one place.

As admin - Paldi Space provides a comprehensive solution for managing your Paldi plugins.

My Paldi Plugins

The My Paldi Plugins tab is where you can see all of your plugin subscriptions.

This tab provides important information such as when your plugin license starts and ends, which version is installed on your machine etc.

You can also read release notes for each plugin and have access to the new Plugin Manager.

With the Paldi Plugin Manager, you don't need to manually install or update plugins - we do it for you.

All Paldi Plugins

The All Paldi Plugins tab provides you with access to all of our marketplace plugins.

Here, you can explore each plugin in detail, read more about its features and functionalities, and watch demo videos.

Additionally, you can easily select plugins that you want and request a free trial or get a quote for them.

Contact Us Dropdown

Our Contact Us dropdown makes it easy for you to get in touch with us.

Whether you need support, want to report a bug, or simply have a question about how to use a plugin, Paldi’s team is here to help.

With just a few clicks, you can submit a support ticket or ask us a question.

Paldi Updates

The Paldi Updates tab provides you with a list of all our newsletters.

Each newsletter contains information about new features and plugins.

From time to time, we also publish promotions, so we highly recommend checking out this tab.

In summary, Paldi Space provides a one-stop solution for managing your Paldi plugins.

With our Contact Us dropdown, All Paldi Plugins, My Paldi Plugins, and Paldi Updates tabs, you can easily manage all your activity with Paldi plugins.

Help us to help you and use Paldi Space for all plugins management needs.

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