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Why Paldi Solutions?

WIN-WIN approach

When a customer wins - we win.We work together as a team towards your goals instead of your requirements. It’s not always a pleasure but crucial when you need proper advice.

Our Vision

A one-stop shop for all your BI needs. Whether a task is of technical or business nature - the right professional with the right experience and skill set will be allocated to the job.

We get the job done

We familiarize ourselves with your business strategy, technology stack, data structures, and relevant personnel to make sure that all of us are always in sync and at the top of our game.

We make an impact.






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Our Clients


We are proud in our clients satisfaction:

Emanuele Nardo

Analytics Lead, Casumo

"A major challenge is ensuring we share the same passion for the product and attention to detail when designing technical solutions for business users. Paldi is not only fulfilling those requirements but actively complementing them with critical suggestions to make the result more appealing and functional to our needs. Thanks for the invaluable high-quality service you are providing us with."

Andy Hopkins

Director of Product Management, Calibermind

"A few years ago, CaliberMind decided to switch to a more scalable Business Intelligence Solution. As with all enterprise products, we struggled to get attention on bugs or feature gaps that impacted our product development. Paldi Solutions has been extremely beneficial for our team at CaliberMind. They already solved many of the gaps customers identified with Sisense, and they're working closely with us to resolve additional issues that are specific to our design."

Jessi Ryan

Practice Lead, IMA Financial Group

"I realize that sometimes it can be challenging to work with us because we are building something from scratch and figuring things out as we go. But you’ve been patient with us, eager to find solutions, accommodating, invested, and most of all, kind. You’re good people and at the end of the day, all business aside, that’s what matters. Thank you for being great partners & good people."