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    Get an enormous amount of Sisense capability, logic, and style within one simple design toolbar.
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    All of our plugins are officially supported on all Sisense versions on both Windows and Linux distributions.

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Header Manager

  • Enrich Sisense header pane with new tabs.
  • Allow your users easy navigation to any resource you’d like.

Add Widgets On Top

  • Always add new widgets on top instead of bottom.
  • Perfect for long dashboards with many widgets.
  • Save dashboard developer time.

Advanced Tooltip

  • Tell a broader story with additional information on every widget tooltip.
  • Even when the data isn't directly present in the widget itself.
  • Tailor Tooltips look and feel to match the data's unique narrative.

Adaptive Default Filters

  • Override user-defined default filters.
  • Set your own filtering rules beyond what can be done with Sisense out–of-the-box UI.
  • Help your end-users focus on what matters by setting default filters values.

Advanced Text Widget

  • Elevate dashboards with rich text, smart labels, links, images, and more
  • Create a rich text widget guiding users on dashboard usage.
  • Use it as a dashboard widget or as a standalone pop-up widget to tell your data story.
  • Combine this plugin with the Indicator Cards to get full BloX functionality without scripting

Advanced Jump To Dashboard

  • Save your JTD settings as presets for easy access and reusability across your projects.
  • Our JTD extends across different data sources.
  • Create different JTDs for different measurements in the same widget!
  • No Coding Required: the no-code Paldi Experience.

Inject To Header

  • Easily Integrate third party apps into your Sisense platform.
  • App integrations massively increase the time customers spend on your website.
  • Simply add the third-party app code snippet to the “Inject to header” config file.
  • Third-party app code snippets are available for apps such as Hotjar, Zendesk, Hubspot, Live person, Intercom, and more.

Avoid Over Filtering

  • Must-have plugin for multi-tenant cases.
  • Ensure data-security is always on by setting a limit on filtering capabilities.
  • Keep anonymity, especially for benchmark or surveys use cases.
  • Set a KPI threshold as a security rule.

Folder Organizer

  • Take control over your folder navigation tree.
  • Hidden sorting to prevent a crowded user interface.
  • Align folder and dashboards according to your application logic.

Tutorial Button

  • Add an elegant button to open a tutorial for your users to explore their dashboards.
  • Keep users on the Sisense platform.
  • Enables you to add comprehensive videos; ending reliance on text guides.
  • Not limited to tutorials, you can add any type of video you wish to present.

Adaptive Indicator Card

  • Plot multiple KPIs, present trends and trend icons in a single small widget area.
  • Create your own templates with endless styling possibilities.
  • Streamline data analysis by filtering within the widget.
  • Interactive Indicators: All indicators interact with the sparkline for responsive insights.
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