Dashboard Styler

Pixel perfect dashboards have never been easier

Unlimited Design Options

​No Code Required! 

  • Let your designers customize their dashboards’ design with a simple and intuitive UI while boosting their User Experience.

  • Designed for the OEM  and embedded use cases

  • Create modern looks, based on your desired style-guide.

Save Favorite Designs as Themes
  • Easily save and manage your chosen designs as “Themes”.

  • Allow your designers to apply a theme in a single click

Limitless Design Capabilities

Widget Titles:
  • Font color, size, weight, family

  • Add background color to titles

  • RTL / LTR alignment

widget settinga.PNG
Widget Settings
  • Add Widget shadow and customize shadow size & color

  • Modify the widgets’ corner radius

  • Add widget border and customize its width & color

​Dashboard Settings:
  • Modify dashboard background-color

  • Control the spacing between widgets

  • Set Max width for the dashboard for better UX on large screens

  • Increase spacing between widgets

dashboard setting.PNG

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