Adaptive Global Filters

Enable sticky filters to keep user-selected filter values consistent as you navigate across dashboards.

Introducing the "Global Filters" plugin for Sisense – a handy tool to simplify your dashboard navigation.

Ever find it frustrating to set filters on one dashboard, only to redo it on the next? This Paldi plugin solves that annoyance by syncing filters across multiple dashboards. No more starting from scratch each time.

This powerful plugin streamlines maintaining consistency in your data analytics projects. You can easily enable or disable global filters on each dashboard, adapting them to your specific needs.

With straightforward settings, ensure your chosen filters stay synchronized across all relevant dashboards, making data exploration and analysis more straightforward.

Upgrade your Sisense experience with the practical "Global Filters" plugin!

Key Highlights & Features:

  • Filter Synchronization: Easily maintain filter consistency across multiple dashboards.
  • Dashboard Control: Enable or disable global filters for each individual dashboard as needed.
  • Increased Productivity: Save time and effort by automating the process of global filter management.

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