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Effortlessly alternate between dashboard narratives with Paldi's Tabber plugin. Paldi’s Tabber is  a code-free widget, no JavaScript or CSS is required. Seamlessly switch between different data views and load widgets only when prompted, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Paldi’s Tabber is highly adaptable and can be customized to match your brand's design principles. Additionally, it can be paired with Paldi’s Lazy Loading plugin for enhanced dashboard performance. 

With the ability to opt in and opt out widgets for each tab, your dashboards’ presentation will be streamlined and intuitive. Style your Tabber to fit your brand's aesthetic, ensuring your dashboard looks just right.

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Adaptive Widgets Tabber

Switch between widget views with a code free Tabber plugin.

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Adaptive Widgets Tabber

Easily check widgets:

Enjoy the functionality:


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