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Introducing the Advanced Text Widget for Sisense! 

Seamlessly add rich text, enhance your dashboard narratives with formatted content, images, and links, and elevate your data storytelling with integrated measurements and smart text features. 

Elevate Your Dashboard Experience with the Best Dashboard Guide Plugin

Improve user engagement by going beyond tooltips. This unique widget offers a distinctive way to provide users with essential background information about your entire dashboard, effectively communicating the content and setup. Ensure users understand the purpose and design choices, enhancing user acceptance and elevating the overall dashboard experience.

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Advanced Text Widget

Enhance user engagement with a dashboard explanation widget. Add rich text narratives and include links, images, and formatted content.

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Advanced Text Widget

Key Features:

  • Create a rich text widget guiding users on dashboard usage.

  • Seamlessly add links, images, formatted text, headings, bullet lists, colors, and more.

  • Use it as a dashboard widget or as a standalone pop-up widget to tell your data story.

This plugin, in conjunction with Paldi’s Tutorial Button and the Advanced Tooltip free plugins,  empowers your users with all the information they need. 

Enable knowledge, increase usage, and boost adoption!

Say Goodbye to Scripting! 

Tired of writing and editing code? No programming skills are needed anymore! The Advanced Text Widget lets you effortlessly present rich text and measurements. Paired with Paldi’s Indicators Card, it covers most customizations you need to do with Blox.

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