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Users, designers, and analysts often prefer using an Aggregated Table rather than a pivot table, For its relative simplicity, visual clarity, and faster performance. Only to then discover critical features are missing. They then have to settle for the pivot table.

With Paldi Solutions’s Aggregated Table Enhancements, you'll be able to take advantage of the same useful features Pivot Tables enjoy, while maintaining your desired visualization and performance.

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Aggregated Table Enhancements

Uplift your Table Aggregation widgets with new and exciting UI features.

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Aggregated Table Enhancements

Key Highlights 

  • Checkbox filtering, reduce visual clutter, and see only the data you need.

  • Conditional formatting, to help you visualize the data you choose to see. 

  • Apply and Reset filters buttons, for improved UI.

  • Easy and intuitive integration with our exciting “Jump to Widget” feature, to increase dashboard performance and reporting speed.

  • Can be bought as part of our “Pivots and Tables” Powerup, which includes:


Conditional Formatting:

Apply and reset filters buttons:


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