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Avoid “over filtering” by defining a minimum number of presented results.

Set KPI counter threshold and enable dashboard presentation only in case the filter selection does not minimize the number of results to less than the threshold.

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Avoid Over Filtering

Secure Data Privacy across your dashboards by limiting the usage of your filters.

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Avoid Over Filtering

Key Highlites

  • Secure privacy & anonymity

  • Extremely useful for:

  • Benchmark & Surveys use cases.

  • Limiting the user to choose two values or more (or any other number’s limitation).

  • Able to limit based on several KPIs combinations

  • It’s possible to exclude certain Users’ Groups from the limitation.

  • Supports multiple dashboards!

  • Everything is configurable! Message text, threshold, KPI, dashboard id etc.

How does is works?

1. Set the KPI threshold (On our case - # responders)

2. Edit the plugin configuration file to limit the # presented results for the dashboard

3. Apply the plugin.

4. When the user’s filter selection minimize the # responses to less than the defined threshold, the user gets a message, indicating that there is a minimum results to present, and the dashboard will return to the previous state:

* Sample video was produced in collaboration with IMA Financial Group, based on their VoiceOfEmployees Surveys project.


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