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Paldi Solutions’s “Control Table Columns” plugin allows true self-service data analytics for viewers. Designed with increased user retention and product satisfaction in mind.

This plugin is built to uplift the burden on your designers, simplify your Sisense deployment, and deliver maximum value to your users.

Unlock users’ ability to analyze many views of data by simply choosing which columns to display.

Determine which columns will be available for users to investigate and save the hassle of creating a dedicated widget for each view.

The plugin can be easily managed by a dashboard designer (zero code needed) and is super intuitive for users.

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Control Table Columns

Enjoy better UX/UI by providing users the flexibility to dynamically choose which columns will be displayed within a table widget.

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Control Table Columns

Key Highlights

  • Everything is completely dynamic and managed in the dashboard - Zero code approach.

  • Useful for use cases with a large number of columns.

  • Built-in performance booster for heavy dashboards.

  • Maximizing your dashboard real estate by using only one table widget.

  • Supports regular table widgets and aggregated table widgets as well.

  • Easy and intuitive integration with our exciting “Jump to Widget”.

Key Features

  • An intuitive drop-down for all columns.

  • Dashboard designer can predefine the available columns.

  • Fully customize the style and layout of the dropdowns from the design panel.

See it in Action:

Columns Dropdown:

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