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Easily export dashboards, in a single click, to PowerPoint presentations.

Pixel Perfect presentations! The widgets images will have the same proportion as they have within the dashboard.

When the plugin is installed, a new option is added to the dashboard menu named "Export To PowerPoint". Clicking the option will generate a new PowerPoint file (the “PPT File”).

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Export To Power Point

Easily export dashboards to pixel-perfect PPT presentations.

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Export To Power Point

Special features:

  • The placement of the images within the PPT FIle will be similar to the way that the widgets were placed on the dashboard.

  • Images will be divided in the PPT File into different slides based on their original height and the amount of height that is available within each slide. When there isn’t sufficient room for a widget - a new Slide will be created.

Export to Power Point Button

Exported Dashboard in Power Point


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