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Oftentimes there’s a need to change or rename a field in one of your tables in the cube.

That might become a costly operation as you’ll also need to update all places in all dashboards that use that field.  

With the “Field Replacer” you can confidently rename\replace fields in your data source and the only additional change that you’ll need to do is to update the change in the plugin’s config file and the plugin would do the rest.

You have complete flexibility on which dashboards to apply your changes.

Moreover, you can refer your  dashboards to different tables without changing anything in the dashboard itself.  You can also determine to replace different fields for different user groups.

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Field Replacer

A handy tool that intercepts all the queries and allows you to rename the field names before they are sent to the cube.

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Field Replacer

Key Highlights 

  • Ability to replace or rename any column or table in the cube without changing anything in the dashboards based on a very flexible rule set. 

  • Refer fields\measurs\widgets to different tables or columns.

  • Easily controlled with a single config file.

  • Can be deployed as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

  • Can be deployed as part of your GitHub repository.

  • Prevents widget and dashboard errors when editing your data source and cube.

  • Save the time of editing widgets and measures within a widget.

  • Easily switch between columns and tables without touching a thing in your dashboards.

  • Works with ALL possible formula functions.

  • Help your designers by creating dynamic dashboards in terms of data source changes.

  • Quick solution for “fatal” mistakes in your data source.

  • Works amazingly with our “Field Analyzer”.

  • Can be bought as part of our “Admin & OEM Utilities Bundle” which includes:


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