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  • Introducing Paldi’s Filters Bookmarks - the ultimate solution for your dashboard filtering needs.

  • This plugin will help you to streamline the filtering process, making it easy and fast for viewers to access the data they need.

  • Define and save filter selections once, and effortlessly share them with other tenants.

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Filters Bookmarks

Empower your OEM readiness by defining and saving filter selections as filters bookmarks and share them with tenants.

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Filters Bookmarks

Key Features

  • Viewers can save filter selections as bookmarks for quick and easy access

  • Export bookmarks data for further analysis of which bookmarks were defined by viewers - ideal for OEM use cases

  • Share predefined bookmarks with viewers

  • Configure sharing behavior, allowing you to share bookmarks privately or publicly

  • Set bookmarks as public to all Sisense viewers or private for specific tenant environment

  • Share a bookmark via link and dynamically load its filter selections

  • Sort bookmarks to find the data you need even faster

Our plugin is designed to work seamlessly with the native Sisense filters and is the ultimate solution for efficient and hassle-free data access.

Plus, our recent multi-tenant support makes it easier than ever for designers to create predefined bookmarks and share them with users.


See it in action:


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