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Occasionally, your dims would have a natural hierarchy between them so when using them as dashboard filters - you'd like your users to be able to easily see and navigate between the different levels of the hierarchy and select multiple items with ease.

With the Paldi “Tree Filter” plugin you can add a slick Hierarchy Filter dropdown directly into your dashboard.

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Tree Filter

An easy-to-use "tree like" filter widget aimed for presenting a filter that has an internal hierarchy of levels within a single dropdown.

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Tree Filter

Key Features

  • Expand and collapse data nodes.

  • Excel-like Search & Select functionality.

  • Single-Selection vs Multi Selection.

  • Option to use different dependency modules between filters.

  • Special treatment for Null values

  • Custom selection label

  • Customize the style and layout of the dropdowns and buttons from the design panel.

See it in Action:

Single-selection VS Multi-selection

Design Options


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