Viewer Dashboard 2.0

Supercharge your viewers with true self-service analytics and let them design their own dashboards!

Paldi’s “ Viewers Dashboard” lets you supercharge your viewers with true self-service BI, letting them design their own dashboards!

With this plugin, all you will need is to :

  • Create a single Viewers Dashboard widget
  • Embed it as a standalone page within your application
  • Let viewers create and manage their own dashboards effortlessly.
  • Keep utilizing any Sisense built-in feature like data security, filters, AI etc

Challenges Faced by Business Users

  • Business users often come from non-technical backgrounds, lacking familiarity with data modeling concepts, facts, dimensions, and formulas.
  • They need self-service tools that simplify complex BI processes.

Paldi's Advanced Viewer Dashboard: A Game Changer

Paldi's "Advanced Viewer Dashboard" is a pioneering solution that enables your viewers, even those without BI expertise, to craft their own dashboards effortlessly. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Streamlined Design: Designers create a dashboard with all available widgets once. This dashboard serves as the single source of truth, simplifying future updates.
  • User Empowerment: Viewers are assigned a single dashboard and gain the ability to create numerous dashboards tailored to their unique use cases.
  • Efficiency: Say goodbye to the back-and-forth communication between viewers and designers, as viewers can now independently create dashboards.
  • Monetization: Offer self-service analytics as a differentiating feature, setting your platform apart from competitors.

Key Features of Paldi's Viewer Dashboard

  • Intuitive UX: Ensures ease of use for both viewers and designers.
  • Lazy Loading: Optimizes performance with built-in lazy loading.
  • Custom Styling: Allows complete control over button and menu styling.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Facilitates widget layout restructuring and dashboard redesign.
  • Designer Control: Designers can set titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and default dashboards for viewers.

Exciting New Functionality - Dashboard Layout Adjustment

In addition to its existing capabilities, Paldi's Viewer Dashboard now allows viewers to customize their dashboard layouts as they see fit. This enhancement ensures a more tailored and user-friendly experience without limitations.

See it in Action:

Viewers select widgets they want

Viewers build their own dashboard layout

Duplicate,save,rename delete - all available for viewers!

Viewers can modify their dashboards on the fly

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