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Generating new dashboards has never been easier!


One of the most common monetization strategies for OEMs is to allow Self Serving Analytics by providing clients with the ability to build their own custom dashboards.

The main challenge is that the clients usually are not familiar with Data Modeling concepts, Facts, Dimensions, Formulas and generally speaking they come from the business side and don’t have a clue about BI.

The Widgets Catalog is an amazing tool that allows designers to build dashboards using a set of predefined widgets that match a specific analytical use case thus eliminating the need to know what’s “under the hood” of the data model and other technical topics.

The predefined widgets are simply "usual" widgets but they are bundled with predefined formulas and design settings so they can be used “As Is” directly within dashboards.

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Widgets Catalog

Build a catalog of predefined widgets and then allow your designers to easily add those widgets into their dashboards.

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Widgets Catalog


  • Designers will have an additional “+ Catalog Widget” button.

  • You can opt to hide the “+ New Widget” button.

  • When clicking on the “+ Catalog Widget”, the below dialog is opened with predefined widgets that are divided into configurable topics


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