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Advanced Filters

The Paldi "Advanced Filters" plugin boosts the user experience interacting with filters.

UI customization features, adding a logic layer to your filters, and presenting date filters in many ways are all included in the "Advanced Filters" plugin.

Key Highlights

  • Highly interactive, user-friendly dropdown filters widget.

  • Super flexible layout. Tons of styling options.

  • Special behavior within PDF Exports. Allow your users to save selections as “Segments of their data.

  • Works great with high cardinality dimensions (even million of values).

  • Powerful filters dependency engine developed by Paldi.

  • Integrated with the metadata plugin (for translation purposes).

Can be bought as part of our “UI Enhancements Bundle” which includes:

Key Features

  • Single-Selection vs Multi Selection.

  • Date Range option for Date fields including an option to offer a Restricted Range instead.

  • Excel-like Search & Select functionality.

  • Option to lazy load values when the dimensions are very big.

  • Fully customize the style and layout of the dropdowns from the design panel.

  • Control whether to use Apply/Reset buttons (also fully customize their look & feel).

  • Viewers can define and save filters selection as their favorite selections (data segmentation).

  • Option to use different dependency modules between filters.

  • When exporting to PDF - use the widget to show styled labels of the filters and their selections instead of images of dropdowns.

Advanced Filter Widget

Advanced Filter Widget

Advanced Filters widget within a dashboard

Advanced Filters widget within a dashboard

Date Range selection example

Advanced Filters Date Range selection

Design Panel Options

Advanced Filters Design Panel Options

Filters Dropdowns Style

Filters Drodowns Style Advanced Filters

Favorite presets

Advanced Filters Favorite presets

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