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Advanced Measure Changer

Item Overview

  • Switch between measures for several views when you wish to story-tell the data.

  • Determine which measures will be available for users to investigate and reduce designers’ time spent developing and deploying endless packed with widgets dashboards.

  • The Paldis’ “Advanced Measure Changer” is intuitive for both designers and viewers as all abilities are presented on top of the widget itself.

  • Together with Paldis’ “Advanced Dim Switcher” which allows viewers to switch between dimensions, you will get Super Power widgets with full advanced exploratory capabilities.

  • Create only one widget type at a time and earn users flexibility - making it a truly powerful self-service BI.

Key Highlights

  • Works perfectly with the “Advanced Dim Switcher” as a complementary product.

  • Everything is completely dynamic and managed in the dashboard - With zero code approach.

  • Performance booster for heavy dashboards.

  • Supports all existing charts capabilities.

  • No mysterious “right-click” functionality.

  • The plugin supports column chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart and pie chart.

  • No need for a sophisticated configuration file.

Key Features

  • An Intuitive drop-down for measures.

  • Easily managed within a dedicated widget.

  • Pre-define available measures by a dashboard designer.

  • Fully customize the style and layout of the dropdowns.

Advanced Measure Changer widget:

Supported charts:

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