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Advanced Pivot Toolbar

  • The Paldi “Advanced Pivot Toolbar” provide your viewers with a one-of-a-kind dimension and measures picker that they can use to decide which dimensions and measures to include or exclude for their own specialized analysis.

  • Easy to use high hand drag and drop UI that integrates with Sisense native pivot table.

  • Avoid infinite scrolling in dashboards full of pivot tables, and instead of creating pivot tables for each analytical use case, enhance application performance by deploying a single pivot that meets all of the user's analytical demands.

Key Highlights

  • Allow viewers to build their own custom pivot from a predefined list of measurements and dimensions .

  • Everything is completely dynamic and managed in the dashboard - Zero code approach.

  • Performance booster for heavy dashboards.

  • Add multiple dimensions to both columns and rows.

Key Features

  • Easy drag & drop interface for viewers to restructure the pivot on the go.

  • Integrated with out-of-the-box Sisense native pivots.

  • Fully customize the style of pivot header.

  • Limit the number of controlled measures and dimensions.

Edit toolbar dialog:

Viewers’ drag and drop interface

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