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Dashboard Styler

✓ Uplift your dashboards’ look & feel with a few clicks and get the pixel-perfect design you were looking for - no coding is required!

✓ Let your designers customize their dashboards’ design with a simple and intuitive UI while boosting their User Experience.

✓ Easily save different styles as themes and apply them with a single click on a dashboard

✓ Specially designed for the OEM and embedded use cases, this plugin allows you to create a modern look, based on your desired style guide and beautify your dashboard with limitless capabilities.

✓ All widget types are supported

Posssible Configurations:

Widget Titles:

  • Font color, size, weight, family

  • Add background color to titles

  • RTL / LTR alignment

Widget Settings:

  • Add Widget shadow and customize shadow size & color

  • Modify the widgets’ corner radius

  • Add widget border and customize its width & color

Dashboard Settings:

  • Modify dashboard background color

  • Control the spacing between widgets

  • Set Max width for the dashboard for better UX on large screens

  • Increase spacing between widgets

Dashboard Themes:

  • Easily save and manage your chosen designs as “Themes”

  • Apply different themes at the dashboard, folder or even user group level!

Can be bought as part of our “UI Enhancements Bundle” which includes:

See it in action:

Styling Configurations

Styling Configurations

Theme Configuration

Dashboard Styler Theme Configuration

Example Dashboards

Dashboard Styler Example Dashboard

Dashboard Styler Example Dashboard

Dashboard Styler Example Dashboard

Dashboard Styler Example Dashboard

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