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Expandable Pivot

Highly Interactive, blazing fast, expanding & collapsing pivot table that is packed with useful features and enhancements to offer your clients the most complete and accurate experience you were looking to implement for your users.

Key Highlights

  • Tailored to enhance user engagement with the pivot (Inquiry about getting access to our tutorial videos to learn all the tricks!).

  • Tailored for scaling of design, usage, and seamless migration from windows to linux.

  • Custom behavior & styling within PDF Exports & Reports.

  • Special module for your own in-cell rendering and table-layout customizations.

  • Supports our Zero Coding Approach.

  • Can be bought as part of our “UI Enhancements Bundle” which includes:

  • Advanced Filters

  • Date Range FIlter

  • Dashboard Styler

  • Input Parameters

  • Export Button

  • Immediate free trial + access to demo env is available.

Key Features

  • Expanding & Collapsing of columns and rows.

  • Easy drag & drop interface for viewers to restructure the pivot on the go.

  • Allow viewers to build their own custom pivot from a predefined list of measurements and dimensions

  • Immediate sorting & filtering including sorting by multiple columns/rows.

  • Sorting by hidden fields (useful when implementing categorial ordering).

  • Complete control over the styling of the Pivot from the UI in the widget's edit mode.

  • Built in smart Export To Excel functionality.

  • Built in JumpToDashboard and drilling functionality from cell AND headers.

  • Built in support for html & link rendering.

  • Ability to add checkboxes to the pivot's dimensions (similarly to this popular plugin).

  • Integration with the metadata plugin to support translations within the pivot.

How viewers modify the presented measurements:

How viewers modify the columns and rows selection:

Customization options for dimensions:

How to Define Jump To Dashboard from the UI:

How to Style your pivot (similar options are available for all pivot elements):

How dashboards look when utilizing the “UI Enhancements Bundle”:

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