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Favorite Formulas Enhancements

Take your OEM implementation to the next level by enforcing data security based on user groups.


  • One of the popular features for Dashboard Designers within Sisense is the ability to save formulas as Favorite Formulas, so they can be easily reused within other dashboards and widgets.

  • If you are an OEM providing clients with the option of designing their own dashboards, the usage of this feature might generate some inconvenience with those clients, as the saved formulas are shared among all designers regardless of their user group and data security settings.

  • With the Favorite Formulas Enhancements, you can completely control how saved formulas would behave using an advanced and easy to use privacy configuration, at the add-on level.

Key Highlights

  • Easily decide on which group type you would like to deploy the data security on:

  • Public

  • All groups

  • Specific group

  • Prevent data security breaches between user groups.

  • Email user encryption.

  • Enjoy the benefits of an add-on while keeping the flexibility of favorite formula feature.

Immediate free trial + access to demo env is available for all add-ons.

How to use the add-on?

  • Install the add-on like any other Sisense add-ons.

  • Match formulas to groups in the config file.

  • Hit save and you’re done.

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