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Widget Script Manager

  • Suffering from widgets scripts that went out of control?

  • Having difficulties managing your scripts across all your dashboards?

  • Looking for an easy way to deploy your visual customizations in a centralized place? This plugin will answer all your scripting needs!


  • Applying widgets scripts is a very common way to deploy UX/UI enhancements alongside visual customizations.

  • Deploying and managing those scripts across all your widgets and dashboards is an extremely time consuming task, especially when you have repeating logic.

  • The WidgetScriptManager allows you to shorten the deployment time and error span by managing all your scripts in one centralized place.

  • It also comes bundled with tons of handy script samples that cover most of the popular use cases that require your scripting skills (:

Key Highlights

  • Free handy scripts example !

  • Easily decide on which widget you would like to deploy the code based on:

  • Specific widget

  • All widgets from a specific type

  • All widgets on specific dashboard

  • Any combination of the above

  • For example, you can trigger a script to run on a specific set of widgets within a specific dashboard.

  • Prevent widgets scripts discrepancies between dashboards.

  • Save time of developing and deploying your widgets scripts.

  • Enjoy the benefits of a plugin while keeping the flexibility of the widget scripts.

  • Can be easily integrated within your Git repository.

  • Can be bought as part of our “Admin & OEM Utilities Bundle” which includes:

  • Dashboard Script Manager

  • Field Analyzer

  • Field Renamer

  • Get User Access

  • Dashboard Sharing Utility (Top Seller)

  • M2M Designer Restrictions

  • Immediate free trial + access to demo env is available for all plugins.

How to use the plugin?

  • Install the plugin like any other Sisense plugin.

  • Paste your script to the plugin’s config file.

  • Hit save and you’re done.

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