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Enhance your Exports capabilities in Sisense.

Sisense Certified Gold Partner.

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Go beyond Sisense limits with targeted Exports Solutions.

  • ​Export to Excel / CSV / PDF / PowerPoint
    Endless export options for all file types.


  • Easy to Use
    Export any dashboard, widget, and data with a single click.


  • No Coding
    Use the exports plugins to design branded and personalized presentations – no code required!


  • Designed for OEM
    Enhance OEM deployments and reporting with necessary exporting options.


  • Official Support
    All of our plugins are officially supported On all Sisense versions on Windows and Linux distributions.

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Export to Excel

  • Easily export widgets/dashboards data to Excel.

  • Set security rules and data exporting limits.

  • Absolute control over filters and totals.

  • Summary export report.

  • Export as analytics report table.

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Discover Our Sisense Exports Plugins

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Time Zone Adjustments

  • Get all your users on the same page with accurate data fitting their own time zones.

  • Prevent your users from consuming wrong data and drawing bad conclusions.

  • Supports all the relative date time filters with ranges (last month, last 7 days, etc.).

  • Supports all filter types.

  • Supports multiple users, in multiple locations.

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Export Button

  • Supercharge users with configurable export button.

  • Design pixel perfect PDF exportable dashboard.

  • Export external dashboards and widgets to PDF.

  • Full data export for Pivots.

  • Supports all widget types.

  • Export to Excel / CSV / PDF.

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Export to PowerPoint

  • Pixel Perfect Presentations!

  • Easily export dashboards to pixel-perfect PPT presentations.

  • Exports data and integrates with PowerPoint native charts!

  • Maintains the widget image's exact proportion.

  • Slides perfectly arranged - Divided into different slides based on the widget images' original height.

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Presentation Builder (Google Slides)

  • A Google Slides add-on that helps you embed Sisense widgets into Slides presentations.

  • Easily add Sisense widgets as images directly from within your presentation.

  • Refresh your presentation with up-to-date data in a single click.

  • Create branded, personalized presentations based on individualized needs.

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Export All to CSV

  • Easily export all table widgets in the dashboard to CSV files with a single click.

  • In the case of pagination (multiple pages), the plugin automatically adds the extra rows to the CSV file.

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Control Exporting Options

  • Allows the designer to determine which export options will be available at the dashboard or widget levels.

  • Control all exporting options: CSV/EXCEL/PDF/PNG.

  • Control viewers’ ability to trigger PULS alerts.

  • Control exporting options on the dashboard and widget level. 

  • Display export information for your viewers regarding their capabilities.

  • Customize the export information to viewers.


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