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Enhance Filtering
Capabilities in Sisense

Sisense Certified Gold Partner.

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Improve how You Use Filters On Your Dashboards!

  • Advanced Filters Capabilities.
    Unlock advanced filtering capabilities using high-end modern UI.


  • No Coding.
    Get an enormous amount of filters capabilities, logic, and styling within one simple design toolbar.


  • Date Range Filter.
    Periodic comparison, predefined time period selection and background date filter.


  • Control Hierarchy.
    “Tree-like” filter for an internal hierarchy of levels within a single dropdown.


  • Enhance Dashboard UI.
    Limit the number of filters for your exact needs.


  • Official Support.
    All of our plugins are officially supported On all Sisense versions on both Windows and Linux distributions.

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Advanced Filters

  • Option to lazy load values when the dimensions are very big.

  • Fully customize the style and layout of the dropdowns from the design panel.

  •  Fully customize Apply/Reset buttons.

  • Viewers can define and save filters selection to their favorite selections (data segmentation/preset).

  • Option to use different dependency modules between filters.

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Discover Our Sisense Filter Plugins

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Date Range Filter

  • Interactive "From" and "To" calendar date pickers.

  • Easily define the filter presets.

  • Configure a default filter selection that will be set whenever you open the dashboard, for all users.

  • Hide the predefined Filters list if it's not needed.

  • Create more than one date filter (for different date fields) in the same dashboard.

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Filters Catalog

  • Allow Viewers to select their filters from a predefined list of filters.

  • Highly interactive, dynamic and responsive dropdown filters widget.

  • Special behavior within PDF Exports.

  • Works great with high cardinality dimensions (even millions of values).

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Tree Filter

  • Expand and collapse data nodes.

  • Excel-like Search & Select functionality.

  • Single-Selection vs Multi-Selection.

  • Option to use different dependency modules between filters. 

  • Null values handling.

  • Custom selection label.

  • Customize the style and layout of the dropdowns and buttons.

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Filters Bookmark

  • Easily set your favorite values selection for each analysis you would like to perform.

  • Predefine filters and save them as bookmarks.

  • Bookmark sorting.

  • Manual dropdown sorting.

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