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Enhance your Self-Service capabilities in Sisense.

Sisense Certified Gold Partner.

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Go beyond Sisense limits with targeted Self Service Solutions.

  • True Self-Service BI
    Supercharge your users by enabling them to interact with their data how they want.


  • Induce Adoption
    Help your users analyze their data in real-time and make better business decisions.

  • Dynamic Dashboards
    Switch between charts, measures, and dimensions wherever you need.


  • No Coding
    Get an enormous amount of Sisense capability, logic, and style within one simple design toolbar.


  • Official Support
    All of our plugins are officially supported on all Sisense versions on both Windows and Linux distributions.

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Viewers Dashboard

  • Allow viewers to build their own dashboards; Make “True self-service BI” more than a slogan.

  • Involve users in dashboards design to increase retention.

  • Enhance Viewers’ capabilities in building dashboards with an easy drag & drop UI.

  • Can be used as a monetization strategy differentiating your platform from competitors.

  • Have viewers tell a story with their own data.
    Save precious time for your developers and leave the dashboard design for your viewers.

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Discover Our Sisense Self Service Plugins

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Time Zone Adjustments

  • Get all your users on the same page with accurate data fitting their own time zones.

  • Prevent your users from consuming wrong data and drawing bad conclusions.

  • Supports all the relative date time filters with ranges (last month, last 7 days, etc.).

  • Supports all filter types.

  • Supports multiple users, in multiple locations.

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Input Parameters 

  • Increased adoption with powerful interactive dashboards.

  • Intuitive on the fly What-If analysis.

  • Completely dynamic and managed in the dashboard - no need for any data model change.

  • Seamlessly interact with your data using Parameter Inputs.

  • Works with ALL possible formula functions.

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Chart Type Switcher

  • Easily switch between different chart types on any dashboard and save precious dashboard real-estate.

  • Helps to reduce the number of widgets on users’ dashboards.

  • A strong selling point for OEM deployments.

  • Supports all Sisense chart capabilities.

  • No need for a sophisticated configuration file.

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Advanced Dim Switcher

  • Dynamically switch between dimensions in widgets.

  • Completely managed in the dashboard - Zero code approach.

  • Performance booster for heavy dashboards.

  • Supports all existing charts capabilities.

  • Compatible with all Sisense visualization charts.

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Advanced Measure Changer

  • Dynamically switch between measures in widgets.

  • Completely managed in the dashboard - With zero code approach.

  • Performance booster for heavy dashboards.

  • Supports all existing charts capabilities.

  • Compatible with all Sisense charts.

  • Perfectly Integrates with and complements the “Advanced Dim Switcher” plugin.

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Widgets Catalog

  • Empower Users to build dashboards using a set of predefined widgets. 

  • Build unique catalogs for specific analytical use cases.

  • Simple drag & drop dashboard creation via widget selection dialogue.

  • Create widgets with preset formulas and make the process easy and code-free for users.

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Control Exporting Options

  • Control all export options: CSV/EXCEL/PDF/PNG.

  • Control on viewers availability to trigger PULS alerts.

  • Manage export options on the dashboard/widget level.

  • Get simple reporting on what your users are exporting.

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Advanced Gantt Chart

  • Independent data structure compatibility.

  • Handles multiple start and end dates for each task.

  • Multiple options for task grouping and display.

  • User-friendly UI/UX design with drag and drop capabilities.

  • Customizable views of resources needed per task

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