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Go beyond Sisense limits with targeted OEM And Admin Solutions.

  • Performance
    Enhance your dashboard performance and reduce infrastructure costs.
  • Admin And Management
    Savetime and empower your users with advanced admin capabilities
  • Accessibility
    Meet web accessibility standards for your dashboards.
  • No Coding
    Get an enormous amount of advanced capability within Sisense without a single line of code required.
  • Official Support
    All of our plugins are officially supported on all Sisense versions on both Windows and Linux distributions.

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Field Replacer

  • Replace any column or table without changing anything in the dashboards.
  • Can be deployed as part of your CI/CD pipeline and Git repository.
  • Prevent widgets and dashboards error when editing your data source and cube.
  • Works with ALL possible formula functions.
  • Help your designers by creating dynamic dashboards in terms of data source changes.
  • Quick solution for “fatal” mistakes in your data source.

Widget Script Manager

  • Enjoy the benefits of a plugin while keeping the flexibility of the widget scripts.
  • Save time on developing and deploying your widget scripts.
  • Prevent widget scripts discrepancies between dashboards.
  • Can be easily integrated within your Git repository.

Get User Access

  • Powerful tool for dynamic dashboard management.
  • Discover which users have access to which dashboards.
  • Export a comprehensive report of all users and dashboards.
  • Integrated within Sisense UI.

M2M Designer Restrictions

  • Keep “Many to Many” relationships only where needed.
  • Offers single value selection, for a carefree environment.
  • Supports multiple filter restrictions. Also over different cubes.
  • Lock mandatory filters.
  • Set data security value based on members.
  • Get full control over group rules configurations.

Dashboard Sharing Utility

  • Ability to share full or partial folders with one action.
  • Easily change the dashboard ownership of multiple dashboards.
  • Prevents sharing discrepancies between dashboards.
  • Avoid duplicating unnecessary folders/dashboards.

Control Filter Colors

  • Take control of how your dashboard filter selections are displayed.
  • Associated filters colors to predefined scenarios
  • Determine your own color logic and enhance user experience and retention.

Field Analyzer

  • Save the time on searching fields within your dashboards\widgets\measures.
  • Prevents widget and dashboard errors when editing your data source and cube.
  • Intuitive dialog with calls to action on each field appearance.
  • Features a “Jump to” action for quick edit.

Adaptive Global Filters

  • Easily maintain filter consistency across multiple dashboards with Sticky FIlters.
  • Enable or disable global filters for each individual dashboard as needed.
  • Makes navigating between dashboards a smoother experience.

Query Optimizer

  • The most efficient tool on the market for optimizing user queries.
  • Up to a 75% reduction in processing time.
  • Processing time won’t be  affected by the amount of filters or the complexity of the data model.
  • This plugin will massively reduce your server costs by saving on computing resources..

Lazy Loading

  • Only widgets that are shown in the dashboard will send a query.
  • Reduce costs and get an immediate ROI.
  • Best for databases such as: Athena, RedShift, BigQuery, Data Bricks, Snowflake, and Azure.
  • boost performance for every data source (ElastiCube\Live model).
  • The performance boost is even more noticeable when the dashboard has Tabber or Accordion.

Accessibility Button Plugin

  • Easily meet all web accessibility standards.
  • Add an “Accessibility Mode” button directly to your dashboards.
  • Converts all charts on the dashboard to Screen-Reader mode.
  • Align your sisense dashboard with WCAG standards.

Advanced Gantt Chart

  • Independent data structure compatibility.
  • Handles multiple start and end dates for each task.
  • Multiple options for task grouping and display.
  • User-friendly UI/UX design with drag and drop capabilities.
  • Customizable views of resources needed per task
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