Adaptive DeckGL Map

Advanced map widget for intuitive and interactive spatial data analysis

Unlock the power of spatial data with the DeckGL Map Plugin by Paldi Solution. This user-friendly plugin enhances your data visualization capabilities by displaying information as hexagons on interactive maps, facilitating deeper insights into spatial distributions and patterns. Powered by the advanced DeckGL library, the plugin offers a seamless and intuitive interface for exploring large-scale geospatial datasets with ease.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Measure Changer: Switch between metrics on the fly for deeper insights and analysis.
  • HexagonLayer Mapping: Transform your data points into hexagonal bins for a comprehensive view of spatial distributions and patterns.
  • Customizable Tooltips: Dive into your data with detailed tooltips that provide specific insights tailored to your analysis.
  • Conditional Color Legends: Define your color schemes to effortlessly identify trends and outliers.

DeckGL Map Widget

DeckGL Map in a Dashboard

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