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Experience Data Clarity and Efficiency like never before with Paldi’s Adaptive Indicator Card Sisense plugin.

This feature-rich plugin empowers you to present multiple indicators with important information in a compact widget area.

With countless available templates, design options, multiple sparkline choices, in-widget filtering, and in-widget jump-to-dashboard features, it provides you with extensive analytical capabilities while optimizing your limited dashboard space, all without requiring a single line of code.

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Adaptive Indicator Card

Effortlessly present rich data insights, indicators and trends while optimizing your dashboard layout

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Adaptive Indicator Card

Key Highlights

  • Customizable Templates: Create your own templates with endless styling possibilities.

  • Multiple Sparkline/Chart Options: Bar, Area, Column, and Line charts available.

  • Integrated with Paldi’s Jump-to-Dashboard Engine: Designers can configure Advanced Jump-To-Dashboard functionality.

  • Integrated with Paldi’s Advanced Tooltip Engine: Designers can define and style data tooltips.

  • Interactive Indicators: All indicators interact with the sparkline for responsive insights.

  • Trend Customization: Define trend images and icons to reflect changing data.

  • In-Widget Filtering: Streamline data analysis by filtering within the widget.

  • Zero Coding Approach: Part of the code-free Paldi experience.

Key Features

  • Multiple KPIs: Main KPI and multiple Secondary KPIs

  • Sparkline Styling Customization

  • Dynamic Trend Icons: Adapt icons to represent changing data trends.

  • Axis Label Customization: Customize axis labels for contextual clarity.

  • Creative Design Control: Enjoy full creative control over widget design.

  • Supports Break-by Analysis: Analyze data with support for breaking it down.


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