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The Paldi “Advanced Gantt Chart” is a user-friendly tool designed to make project planning a breeze!

Organize complex projects, improve workflow visibility, and ensure your teams stay on track. With the option to customize views and resources needed per task, managers can easily plan deliverables while keeping their team members informed. 

The Advanced Gantt Chart will help encourage collaboration among your stakeholders, as well as to properly allocate resources for the tasks associated with your projects.

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Advanced Gantt Chart

Powerful and easy-to-use tool for plotting tasks on project timeline.

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Advanced Gantt Chart

Key Highlights:

  • New data processing methods available:

    • Compatibility with MS Project data structures

    • Independent data structure compatibility

  • Display the current date in chart view

  • Include descriptive columns as needed

  • Handles multiple start and end dates for each task

  • Multiple options for task grouping and display

  • User-friendly UI/UX design with drag and drop capabilities

  • Customizable views of resources needed per task

  • Share data over networks quickly and securely

Gantt widget:


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