Advanced Measure Changer

Improve self-service by enabling giving an option to switch between measures on charts.

Switch between measures for several views for more accurate data analytics. Determine which measures will be available for users to investigate. Reduce the time designers spend developing and deploying needlessly overloaded dashboards.

Paldi’s “Advanced Measure Changer” is intuitive for both designers and viewers as all abilities are presented on top of the widget itself. Together with Paldi’s “Advanced Dim Switcher” which allows viewers to switch between dimensions, you will Super-Power your widgets with full advanced exploratory capabilities. Create only one widget type at a time and unlock users' flexibility - making it a truly powerful self-service BI tool.

Key Highlights

  • Works perfectly with the “Advanced Dim Switcher” as a complementary product.
  • Everything is completely dynamic and managed in the dashboard - With zero code approach.
  • Performance booster for heavy dashboards.
  • Supports all existing charts capabilities.
  • No mysterious “right-click” functionality.
  • The plugin supports column chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart and pie chart.
  • No need for a sophisticated configuration file.

Key Features

  • An Intuitive drop-down for measures.
  • Easily managed within a dedicated widget.
  • Pre-define available measures by a dashboard designer.
  • Fully customize the style and layout of the dropdowns.

Advanced Measure Changer widget:

Supported charts:

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