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Paldi’s “Advanced Pie Chart” plugin revolutionizes data presentation and analysis with its power and versatility. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this tool introduces the innovative "Pie of Pie" feature, redefining data visualization. With "pie of pie," two pie charts work in tandem: selecting a segment in the primary chart triggers the secondary chart to provide a detailed breakdown of that selection into its components. Explore data like never before.

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Advanced Pie Chart

Reveal multi-level data within a single pie chart through an exploding chart feature.

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Advanced Pie Chart

Key Highlights & Features:

  • Visually stunning chart with a clean and modern design.

  • Versatility, supporting both traditional pie charts and the innovative "pie of pie" feature.

  • Enhanced interactivity with informative tooltips that provide additional context.

  • Extensive customization options, allowing users to tailor the charts to their specific needs.

  • User-friendly interface for effortless chart creation and exploration.

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