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The Paldi “Advanced Pivot Toolbar” provides your viewers with a one-of-a-kind dimension and measures picker. Allowing users to decide which dimensions and measures to include or exclude for their own specialized analysis, and enhance their data interactivity. 

Easy-to-use and code-free drag and drop UI that integrates with the Sisense native pivot table and works to increase viewer retention.

Avoid infinite scrolling in dashboards full of pivot tables. Instead of creating separate pivot tables for each analytical use case, enhance your application performance by deploying a single pivot that meets all of the user's analytical and self-service demands.

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Advanced Pivot Toolbar

Allow viewers to build their own custom pivots with an easy drag & drop interface.

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Advanced Pivot Toolbar

Key Highlights

  • Allow viewers to build their own custom pivot from a predefined list of measurements and dimensions.

  • A dynamic interface managed directly in your dashboard using our zero coding approach.

  • Made to boost performance on heavy dashboards.

  • New:  Add multiple dimensions to both columns and rows.

Key Features

  • Easy drag and drop interface for viewers to restructure the pivot on the go.

  • Integrated with out-of-the-box Sisense native pivot tables.

  • Fully customize the style of the pivot header.

  • Limit the number of controlled measures and dimensions.

Edit toolbar dialog:

Viewers’ drag and drop interface

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