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Bar charts and Column charts are fundamental and useful tools when it comes to data exploration.

By using a bar chart you can easily compare data between groups or- in the case of column charts- to show data changes over time. But what if you need to add an advanced ability such as comparing two values while keeping the simplicity of those visualizations?

Paldi’s “Bi-Directional Bar Chart” is your solution. Help Viewers visualize complex comparing data use cases while keeping beautiful UX/UI.

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Bi-Directional Chart

Compare two formulas over a joint Axis while presenting them back to back for better visualization.

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Bi-Directional Chart

Key Features

  • Toggle between bar chart and column chart.

  • Get all Sisense native abilities for conditional formatting.

  • User-friendly and intuitive design panel.

  • Sisense native look and feel.

Bi-Directional widget


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