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Have you ever needed to visualize data with different chart types only to realize you are wasting dashboard space?

How often do viewers ask to visualize the same data in different ways?

With the Paldi “Chart Type Switcher” you will supercharge your viewers and let them decide how to visualize their data.

One widget - many charts.

With an intuitive dropdown menu, viewers will have the ability to make the data tell its own story in a way that matches their own unique needs. All while you save dashboard designers time and effort.

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Chart Type Switcher

Supercharge your viewers by letting them decide how to visualize their data. Allow viewers to swap between chart types on any widget.

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Chart Type Switcher

Key Highlights

  • A strong selling point for OEM deployments.

  • Dynamic interface managed on dashboard - Zero code approach.

  • Performance booster for heavy dashboards.

  • Supports all existing charts capabilities.

  • The plugin supports column charts, bar charts, line charts and area charts.

  • No need for a sophisticated configuration file.

Key Features

See it in Action:

Chart Type Switcher widget:

Supported charts:


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