Control Exporting Options

A plugin allows designers to determine which export options will be available at the dashboard or widget levels.

A common use case for OEM/embedded deployments is to enable viewers to export their visualizations in various formats such as Excel, CSV, PDF, etc. This ability is very powerful and sometimes you need to restrict it or determine where you want this ability utilized and where you don’t. Paldi’s “Control Exporting Options “ plugin is a revolutionary management tool that enables you to determine which export options will be available to your viewers. Easily control the export options per each widget or determine export options to all widgets on the dashboard at once.

Key Highlights

  • Control all export options: CSV/EXCEL/PDF/PNG.
  • Control on viewers availability to trigger PULS alerts.
  • Manage export options on the dashboard level.
  • Manage export options on the widget level.
  • Display export information for your viewers regarding their capabilities.
  • Customize the export information to viewers.

Control dashboards export options

Control each widget export options

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