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Help your Designers to save time and prevent sharing mistakes by easily sharing multiple dashboards and folders in a single click. 


Out of the box with Sisense, you can share only one dashboard at a time. 

This might become a mess if you have a large number of dashboards that you’d like to share at once. 

With the Dashboard Sharing Utility, you can easily choose the dashboards and folders that you'd like to update and set their target audience with a singular sharing action. 

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Dashboard Sharing Utility

Share multiple dashboards and folders with a single click.

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Dashboard Sharing Utility

Key Highlights 

  • Ability to share full or partial folders with one action.

  • Easily change the dashboard ownership of multiple dashboards .

  • Prevents sharing discrepancies between dashboards.

  • Keep your production and development environments lean by not duplicating unnecessary folders/dashboards just for sharing purposes. 

  • Shorten the time spent on publishing new versions and moving dashboards between environments.

  • Can be bought as part of our “Admin & OEM Utilities Bundle” which includes:

  • Immediate free trial + access to demo env is available for all plugins.

How to use the plugin?

Step 1 - Go to the dashboards Multi Select mode

Step 2 - Select the dashboards you'd like to modify

Step 3 - Click on the newly added Share Icon and make your selections


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