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Unlock powerful UI and logic capabilities such as periodic comparison, predefined time period selection, enforced background date filter and more…

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Date Range Filter

A widget that allows you to add custom "From" and "To" Date Picker inputs alongside a configurable dropdown of predefined time ranges.

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Date Range Filter

Key Features

  • Interactive "From" and "To" calendar date pickers

  • Easily define filter presets

  • Configure a default filter selection that will be set whenever you open the dashboard, for all users

  • Hide the predefined Filters list if it's not needed

  • Create more than one date filter (for different date fields) in the same dashboard

  • Can be bought as part of our “UI Enhancements Bundle” which includes:

See it in Action:

Date Range Filter + Presets

Date Range Filter + Presets

Date Range Filter in a Dashboard

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