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Enhance your self-service analytics environment by enabling an easy-to-use, customizable exporting button that suits any use case you can think of including exporting specific widgets or PDFs from external dashboards!

With the “Export Button” plugin your end-users won’t need to navigate between headers, toolbars and other menus to get the export they need.

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Export Button

A simple button widget that can be used for several exporting options including the premium Export To Excel module.

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Export Button

With the Export Button you can:

  • Export to Excel / CSV / PDF

  • PowerPoint extension is available by using our Export To PowerPoint plugin

  • Export all widgets of a dashboard into one unified excel file (all table and chart types are supported!)

  • Export only a specific group of selected widgets.

  • Export data from external dashboards so you don’t need to keep heavy pivots within your dashboard just for exporting purposes.

  • Multi widgets export in a single click: Choose which widgets to include in the export. To export all widgets, Keep the field empty.

  • Fully customize the look & feel of your button directly from the design panel - no code required

  • Supports Pagination! In the case of pagination (multiple pages), the plugin will export the data from ALL pages of the widget so it will include all records within your data.

  • This plugin can also be bought as part of the UI Enhancement Bundle which includes:

  • Immediate free trial + access to demo env is available.

Export to Excel / CSV / PDF

Export Settings


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