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Uplift your Pivot2 widgets with new & exciting features.

Take Pivot’s UX/UI to a new level, using Paldi Solutions’s Pivot2 UI Enhancements plugin which offers cutting edge infographics and UI elements.

Add visual representation to your measures. Allow users to see the bigger picture at a glance, recognize trends, and notice anomalies instantly.

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Pivot2 UI Enhancements

Uplift your Pivot2 widgets with new & exciting UI features.

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Pivot2 UI Enhancements

Features list:

  • Financial Formatting: Adjust pivot tables to use standard financial formatting of numbers. Show negative numbers colored in RED with parentheses instead of a minus sign.

  • Configure Null values representation: Display them as: 0, -, x, or empty cells.

  • Clickable URL Links: Modify URLs placed in rows of a pivot table into clickable links without adding any widget scripts.

  • Checkboxes: Add checkboxes to cells, and enable the user a quick way to make multiple selections. Very useful when using embedded dashboards and the filter panel is hidden.

  • Add Image Indicator (arrows & traffic lights) to measures: Assist the user to analyze trends in a glance by enabling comparison of values to a predefined threshold or to each other. - Configure thresholds using the plugin’s config file. - Ability to add a column to the pivot with only the indicator showing by turning on the indicators and then choosing “hide values” to hide the text.

  • Conditionally Color Pivot Foreground: Conditional foreground coloring allows you to apply the out of the box conditional coloring in Sisense on the foreground (text) rather than the background of the cell. Also, you can change the font weight to be bold.

  • Sparklines Provides the option to create sparklines within a pivot table to show the progress of a measure over time in selected resolution

Financial Formatting

Null values representation:

Clickable URL Links:


Add Image Indicator (arrows & traffic lights)

Conditionally Color Pivot Foreground



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