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  • Using SVGs and graphics to present information is a great and powerful way to story-tell your data.

  • This ability comes in handy when you want to visualize data layers on top of maps or any other complex forms.

  • Combined with the ability to have custom shapes and images that can be bound to data, this precise SVG Mapper plugin lets you build both simple pictograms and complex, highly-tailored visuals.

  • Paldi's "Advanced SVG Mapper & Shapes Builder" allows you to add many differently shaped layers that are tied to data, allowing you to modify the appearance with information to transform a simple image into an informative visualization.

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SVG Mapper And Shapes Builder

Allow designers to draw shapes on top of image maps and easily connect them to data within the cube.

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SVG Mapper And Shapes Builder

Key Highlights

  • Supports our zero coding approach

  • Includes 2 types of widgets:

  • Layer builder for designers

  • Map for viewers

  • Easy-to-use interface for both designers and viewers

  • Decide whether you want to visualize data when hovering or have a constant layer presentation

  • Immediate free trial and access to a demo environment is available

Key Features

  • Powerful and easy-to-use editor

  • Custom polygon Shapes

  • Custom styles for tooltips, shapes, and maps

  • Rename & reorder shapes

  • Full control of the widget’s UI

  • Supports conditional formatting

Draw layers and bind them to your data

Visualize measures on top of your maps


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