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Advanced Dim Switcher

The Paldi “Advanced Dim Switcher” unlocks users’ ability to analyze many views of data by not only switching dimensions but also breaking by ability and all on the same chart visualization.

Determine which dimensions will be available for users to investigate and save the hassle of creating a dedicated widget per each dimension.

The plugin can be easily managed by a dashboard designer (zero code needed) and is super intuitive for viewers as all abilities are presented on top of the widget itself.

Key Highlights

  • Everything is completely dynamic and managed in the dashboard - Zero code approach

  • Performance booster for heavy dashboards

  • Supports all existing charts capabilities

  • No mysterious “right-click” functionality

  • The plugin supports column chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart and pie chart

  • No need for a sophisticated configuration file

Key Features

  • An Intuitive drop-down for dimensions and break by

  • Easily managed within a dedicated widget

  • Predefine available dimensions by a dashboard designer

  • Designers can define which dimension will be available to switch and which dimension will be available to break by

  • Fully customize the style and layout of the dropdowns from the design panel.

Advanced dim switcher widget

Advanced dim switcher widget

Widget edit mode

Advanced dim switcher widget edit mode

Supported charts

Dim switcher supported charts

Advanced dim switcher supported charts

Advanced dim switcher supported charts

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