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Advanced Funnel Chart

A funnel chart is useful for visualizing a process that has sequential, linked stages.

For example, consider a sales funnel that follows consumers through the following stages: Lead > Response sent > Contract > Deal closer > Close. The funnel's form shows the health of the process you're observing at a glance.

Using Paldi’s “Advanced Funnel Chart” will be a good choice for you when:

  • Data is sequential and moves through at least 3 stages

  • Calculating potential (revenue/sales/deals/etc.) by stages

  • Calculating and tracking conversion and retention rates

  • Analyzing and revealing bottlenecks in a process

  • Analyzing and tracking progress and success of click-through advertising/marketing campaigns

Key Features

  • Invert chart

  • Dynamic sizing - decide whether you like to present size corresponding to values or keep fixed size

  • Sort funnel by values or by alphabetical

  • Hide prefix - control the step label visibility by trimming characters

  • Full customization and styling on labeling

  • Add additional info when hovering on stages

  • Built in jump to dashboard

  • Built-in pop up windows

  • Apply any conditional formatting

See it in Action:

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