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Dashboard Sharing Utility

Help your Designers to save time and prevent sharing mistakes by easily sharing multiple dashboards and folders in a single click.


  • Out of the box with Sisense, you can share only one dashboard at a time.

  • This might become a mess if you have a large number of dashboards that you’d like to share at once.

  • With the Dashboard Sharing Utility you can easily choose the dashboards and folders that you'd like to update and set their target audience with a singular sharing action.

Key Highlights

  • Ability to share full or partial folders in one time action.

  • Easily change dashboard ownership of multiple dashboards .

  • Prevent sharing discrepancies between dashboards.

  • Keep your production and development environments lean by not duplicating unnecessary folders/dashboards just for sharing purposes.

  • Shorten time spent on publishing new versions and moving dashboards between environments.

  • Can be bought as part of our “Admin & OEM Utilities Bundle” which includes:

  • Field Analyzer

  • Field Replacer

  • Get User Access

  • Widgets Script Manager

  • Fix Corrupted Dashboards

  • M2M Designer Restrictions

  • Immediate free trial + access to demo env is available for all plugins.

How to use the plugin?

Step 1 - Go to the dashboards Multi Select mode

Step 2 - Select the dashboards you'd like to modify

Step 3 - Click on the newly added Share Icon and make your selections

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