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Filters Catalog

Does your dashboard have so many filters that your users are struggling to find what they’re looking for? You tried using dropdown filters but realized that they take too much real estate from your dashboard?With the “Filters Catalog” plugin you can minimize the required space allocated for your dashboard filters while maintaining high standards of User Experience when navigating between them.

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Key Highlights

  • Allow Viewers to select their filters from a predefined list of filters

  • Highly interactive, dynamic and responsive dropdown filters widget.

  • Special behavior within PDF Exports.

  • Works great with high cardinality dimensions (even million of values).

Key Features

  • Predefine available filters (catalog) by a dashboard designer

  • Single-Selection vs Multi Selection.

  • Super easy to add or remove filters.

  • Excel-like Search & Select functionality.

  • Fully customize the style and layout of the dropdowns from the design panel.

  • Viewers can define which filters they want to use.

  • When exporting to PDF – use the widget to show styled labels of the filters and their selections instead of images of dropdowns.


  • Designers will control the catalog itself and filters settings.

  • Viewers will have the ability to design their own filters pane by adding or removing filters from the predefined catalog.

Design Panel Capabilities

Design Panel Capabilities

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