M2M Designer Restrictions

Especially in OEM cases, sometimes you have Many to Many by design. This must be carefully handled to assure single selection in the dashboards. Otherwise, incorrect results & performance issues can arise.

M2M Designer Restrictions plugin automatically forces single value selection and offers a carefree environment, in which designers can design dashboards even without being familiar with the M2M connection arising from the cube modeling.

How does it work?

  • Admin defines in the plugin config file the M2M fields: - Set Cube, dimension, and default value. - Supports multiple filters restrictions. Also over different cubes.

  • Plugin automatically adds the filter to each new dashboard based on this cube: - The filter is locked and cannot be deleted. - Filter is set to the configured default member.

  • Filter behaviour: - The filter forces the designer to Single Selection (multi selection is hidden) - When a designer tries to click on the selected member (to exclude it for example), click functionality is disabled, so one value will always be selected - Filter cannot be disabled/deleted: Neither in the dashboard filter pane or in the widget filters pane (disable all filters” option is also hidden) - Designer can lock the filter or set it as a background filter. - When the designer tries to add a formula filter using the restricted filter – the plugin applies similar limitation to those he has when he tries to manipulate the filter from the dashboard.

  • Groups settings: - Option to completely hide the restricted filter from specific users group. - Option to disable the plugin’s functionality for other specific user groups (like Admin) - Works seamlessly with our Advanced Filters plugin as well.

See it in Action!